Spanked and chastised husbands

I think being spanked in front of someone be it a friend or relative is very humiliating and adds enormoussly to the punishmenet. Anonymous December 22, at Thorn's Spanking Stories. Although my cock has shrunk, it nevertheless gives a little twitch as she gives three small cursory taps to my butt. I totally agree that wives should be spanked to let them know there can be only one boss in spanked and chastised husbands relationship.

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All the time Lorraine kept on to Neil to release her Neil said it was about time Lorraine learned her place and the one way to teach her was a real spanking she wouldn't forget. The next morning, neither of her parents seemed any the wiser. In my opinion spanked and chastised husbands if you have minor children, or other guests in the house, if your wife is naughty, then they should witness your wife, being corporally disciplined, by giving your wife a good spanking on her bare bottom.

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Spanked and chastised husbands
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Spanked and chastised husbands
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Spanked and chastised husbands

Email This BlogThis! D See for yourself: Hope you like it: Whichever idiot referred to cane strikes as strokes needs their head examining. Anonymous December 5, at

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Spanked and chastised husbands
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